‘Danny Lee Grew was an absolute pleasure to work with. It was clear to see that he has a huge passion for his craft, and he demonstrated this in his hilariously engaging and vibrantly well-crafted show.

In every single one of his performances, Danny consistently and successfully garnered uproarious laughter from our guests. He fully owns the stage, charming audiences of all-ages throughout every performance. His own interpretation of well-known illusions, blended with tongue-in-cheek comedy, produces a laugh-out-loud show that thrilled our guests and held their attention, which is often challenging in this venue.

Subsequently, his standard of professionalism was exceptional, being very flexible in terms of timings and being well-prepared for his show way ahead of the scheduled performance time.

What also makes Danny unique is his natural ability to tailor his material to audiences of all ages, and this has not gone unnoticed. Guest’s comments have been highly positive, with a handful of audience members praising his “fun, friendly and approachable personality”, and others acknowledging how challenging it can be at times to perform for children but thought Danny “did a fantastic job”.

I highly recommend him as a magician and a team player to work with, making him one of the best I have ever seen!’

Brittany Ferries

As MC and host, Danny Lee Grew was engaging and energising. His routines are fresh and varied, with nods to classic as well as contemporary magic being presented throughout the show. His ability to weave references to the history and background of magic and The Circle gave his links a degree of depth and substance, while always remaining accessible and spontaneous. His ability to warm up the audience and then keep the pace of the show going was a key part of the evening’s success.

Kim Robinson – The Magic Circular

Always impresses and astounds… his uniquely bubbly personality leaves his spectators with no choice but to smile. Can’t recommend him highly enough.

Marvin’s Magic